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Creating innovative packaging design and diverse merchandising strategies to help client build brand equity.

In today’s competitive environment, Ever Win offers new ways to create unique advantages. Committed to our customers’ success, we design, implement and support a variety of packaging services to build brand equity.


Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, the questions facing your product image are the same:

  • Does your packaging convey the image you attempt to project?

  • Does the packaging of your product appeal to the shoppers?

  • Does your packaging reinforce your brand image?

At Ever Win, we understand that creating effective packaging involves a variety of design elements. Not only do the colors, shapes and graphics need to relate the proper brand look and feel, but they must also be unique enough to pop out to shoppers from a cluttered plan-o-gram.


Whether it’s a vast national rollout or a small test run for your marketing campaign, Ever Win is here to help with your in-store merchandising plan. Our creative designers and program managers provide you with the materials required for both B2B and B2C marketing.

  • Plan-o-gram

  • POP and POS displays

  • Signage

  • Custom fixtures


The global trend toward utilizing contract manufacturers that possess unique core competencies has been expanding exponentially. Contract manufacturing is an excellent way to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.

Product strategy is one of the most important functions in a company. To assist clients in making sound business decisions, our market analysts and product managers are committed to providing clients with relevant and insightful market information. Utilizing our decades of experience in new product development in the consumer electronics industry and through our on-going market research activities, we help clients to:

  • Understand the market trends affecting their past, present and future customers

  • Develop brand strategies that effectively support client identity and market positioning

  • Identify opportunities presented by consumer needs, generate product concepts and develop marketing communications to support a successful launch



Each piece of collateral that comes from our marketing department is designed to deliver a concise message through relevant visual execution. Through multiple media, Ever Win markets your product effectively according to your definition of success.

  • Print & online collateral

  • Promotional kits

  • POP & POS displays


Ever Win develops powerful consumer-focused promotions, as well as, sales incentive programs to drive sell-thru to your projected goals.

  • Consumer-Focused Promotions:
    Ever Win program managers design and propose rebates, sweepstakes, games, contests and POS promotions to create customer awareness of products and motivate purchases.

  • Motivational Incentive Program:
    A well motivated sales force is essential to a healthy program. Exciting contests, extravagant prizes, and generous commissions are hallmarks of Ever Win sponsored sales rep incentive programs.

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