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City of Industry, CA - May 14, 2019 - Ever Win International opens a new manufacturing facility in Laguna Technology Park, Philippines to assist customers with transitioning production outside of China.

In today’s competitive marketplace, every penny counts. With the recent dramatic increase in import tariffs for goods manufactured in China brought into the US market, these unexpected and significant increases can severely affect the bottom line profitability and balloon budgets pushing a product to the edges of viability when it comes to the end consumer pricing.

As a successful partner for many of today’s global brands, Ever Win has continued to seek ways to streamline and improve its manufacturing process and supply chain to meet the ever changing market challenges.

With a new state of the art production facility located just south of Port of Manila, Ever Win has expanded its global footprint as a manufacturing resource conveniently located in the south Asia, PEZA development zone, with a focus to provide the same dedication of quality and level of service our customers rely on.

About Ever Win International

Ever Win International is a contract manufacture established in 1981 as a vertically-integrated solutions provider to mobile communications and consumer electronics accessories industries. Ever Win’s global manufacturing and distribution capability along with a comprehensive list of value-added services, streamlines the process of bringing products to market for their customers throughout the world. State-of-the-art ISO14001:2015 certified manufacturing facility along with industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering aids in delivering the highest level of quality, efficiency and cost containment across the wide array of customer projects. A history of solid performance in delivering successful products for many of the world’s Tier 1 brands means many customers have unknowingly seen and used their products. Ever Win International is a privately held, contract manufacturer in the consumer electronics industry with facilities in the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States.


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